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Internet Studies have shown that the majority of people find other relevant sites by clicking on "links" to other interesting sites. While search engines do bring hits to your site, keeping them updated is a tedious and expensive task.

For your site to be linked to other related or similar sites gives you a way to keep your site in front of some search engines. Those search engines that are web spider powered do look at and record links they find as they travel through the Internet. To these search engines, the more links coming "into" and going "out of" your site the more valuable your site appears. The rational is that if others are recommending your site then there is value to it for those seeking information. This in turn will help raise your site in the rankings.

Please give some serious thought to the economics of collaboration. When we work together to support each other, everyone benefits.

Please review our site and see whether you can recommend it to others by exchanging a link with us. If you think there is a fit please email us at . We will review your site to see if there is a mutual benefit for us and the people who visit our sites for information.

Thank your for considering a link exchange with us.

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For your convenience we feature HTML code examples that you can insert on your links page to link to us. Simple select & copy one of the below HTML examples. Then locate your webpage and using your favorite editor, paste that example into your webpage. For those with advanced skills, we feature image links with examples on how to use these both with the image on our and on your site.

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<A HREF="">Professional Speakers Guild an international organization of speakers, trainers, authors and other communications and meeting professionals who have come together to pursue common goals, share their experience, raise industry standards, and improve their ability to achieve satisfying and rewarding careers through the process of providing added value to their clients.</A>


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Link Style 1

<A HREF=""><IMG SRC="images/psglink1.gif" WIDTH="100" HEIGHT="116" BORDER="0" ALT="the Professional Speakers Guild (http://www.professionalspeakersguild)"></A>

Link Style 2

<A HREF=""><IMG SRC="images/psglink2.gif" WIDTH="327" HEIGHT="100" BORDER="0" ALT="he Professional Speakers Guild (http://www.professionalspeakersguild)"></A>

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Copy the above image to your hard drive by clicking the right mousebutton over it. Then Select the 'Save Image/Picture As' option in your browser. When you add the link to your page and upload the image to your site, make sure to adapt the path to the GIF image (if needed) in the IMG SRC="" argument accordingly.

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<A HREF=""><IMG SRC="psglink1.gif" WIDTH="100" HEIGHT="116" BORDER="0" ALT="the Professional Speakers Guild (http://www.professionalspeakersguild)"></A>

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<A HREF=""><IMG SRC="psglink2.gif" WIDTH="327" HEIGHT="100" BORDER="0" ALT="the Professional Speakers Guild (http://www.professionalspeakersguild)"></A>