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Bill Hodges
Hodges Seminars International



WILLIAM N. “BILL” HODGES is president of Hodges Seminars International, a business and communications consulting firm that develops sales meetings, management training programs, and human relations seminars. His seminars have been attended over the past 33 years by personnel from many government agencies, major associations, and Fortune 500 companies, including Mead, Tyson Foods, AT&T, IBM, General Motors, British Petroleum, and Tenex Canada.

Experienced in media as well as live audience communications, Bill Hodges hosts his own business interview and public affairs television program. In addition to his best-selling book, Within Your Reach, which has helped many people achieve their dreams, Hodges has authored many magazine articles. He currently writes a syndicated newspaper column entitled "POSITIVE TALK." This highly positive, motivational column is distributed worldwide through newspapers and corporate and association newsletters. It enters as many as 1.5 million homes per month. Hodges’ website contains back issues of his column.

Sample Program Titles:

  • Leadership--The Next Wave and How to Ride It
  • Supervision 2013
  • Tip Toe Thru the Alligators
  • Effective Briefing and Presentation Techniques
  • How to Harness Stress for Success
  • Assertive Communications for Supervisors

Mission Statement:
We help clients’ people succeed by using our proven in-depth training programs (ranging from three hours to three days) as well as short programs for meetings (ranging from one to six hours) in subject areas such as communications, supervision, stress management and leadership.

Available Materials:
WITHIN YOUR REACH---- An inspiring collection of 60 POWER-PACKED POSITIVE MESSAGES BY BILL HODGES that will help you and the people you love get the most out of life. It will make a great gift for friends, associates and employees.

Consulting Services
Hodges Seminars International provides a full array of consulting services in the fields of leadership, supervision, team building, sales, and group or individual communications. Working one on one with corporate executives to enhance their speaking skills in general or for a specific presentation has long been one of our strongest abilities. We can help prepare a speech from conception to delivery, including building the outline, creating an impact presentation and then polishing the presentation style of the presenter.

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Contact Information:

William “Bill” Hodges
Hodges Seminars International
Tampa, FL
Phone: 813-641-0816



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