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Richard Erschik was a successful sales and marketing manager in the U.S. machine tool industry. In 1986 he founded a very successful marketing services organization that American Airlines named “One of the most innovative companies in the country.” In 2009 Richard sold his service organization and today he is a sought after speaker and exhibitor educator in the trade show industry. He has delivered more than 250 high-value seminars, webinars, workshops, and experiential on-line learning sessions in venues as far away as Brussels Belgium and Johannesburg, South Africa. He is a Toastmasters award winner and has been a featured speaker at the Exhibitor Show in Las Vegas for 18-years. He is listed in Trade Show Executive’s Who’s-Who in Specialty Education Service Contractors, and he has authored numerous feature articles in marketing and sales related publications. He has worked with, served on the advisory boards, and consulted for recognized fortune 500 companies.

Program titles

  • Get the MOST… from PRE-DURING-POST trade show exhibiting
  • LEADS are the SEEDS of sales
  • Lead Follow-up ... for the SELL of it
  • STOP counting… START closing your leads
  • Lead follow-up OMG, LOL, WTF (What’s the Formula)
  • Trade shows don’t COST… they PAY!

Mission statement

I want to share my 3+ decades of unique intellectual property to help short-cut the learning curve for companies, before they waste hundreds/thousands/millions of dollars on lead generation programs -- that eventually prove only to get the resultant leads to their sales force faster, so nothing can be done with them sooner. I want to share the reasons for poor lead follow-up, today, and eliminate the blame-game between marketing and sales departments while streamlining their selling process.

Available materials:

Exhibitor education audio/visual CD entitled "Get the MOST from PRE-DURING-POST" trade show exhibiting

On-Line-Learning Webinar Series


For individual companies:

In-person seminars/workshops, or on-line accelerated learning sessions, to teach professional marketers and sellers’ proven sales lead generation and response techniques that make it easy for sales lead contact, follow-up and conversion to sales.

For trade show organizers and non-profit associations:

In-person seminars/workshops, or on-line accelerated learning sessions, to teach their staff how to include exhibitor education as a means of exhibitor acquisition and retention.

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