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Scott D. Gottschalk was not only an Agriculture Education Instructor, but for more than three decades he has served as an International Consultant.  He has globe-trotted across all seven continents and forty countries providing services in exotic locations such as Poland, Estonia, Siberia Russia, Uganda Africa, Lebanon, and Afghanistan. 

Experienced in live audience communications, Scott Gottschalk has captivated audiences across our planet with his passionate and inspirational messages.  He has written three books including, The Folk and Their Fauna and Nine Lives to Eternity both of which leave a positive and uplifting impression.  In addition, Scott has also authored numerous magazine articles.

Member, National Speakers Assoc., *  Member, Professional Speakers Guild, *  Stone Croft Ministries Speaker

Sample Program Titles:

  • Are Angels For Real (A near death experience)
  • Desperate Moments (The making of a transformed life)

  • Farming Amongst The Warlords Of Afghanistan (the real story behind the scenes)

  • Lebanon – A Best Kept Secret

  • African Odyssey - Feeding A Nation's Starving Children

  • Your Bucket List - Your Legacy - What will you be remembered for

  • Hitler Death Camp - Witness to an indelible atrocity

  • Siberian Wasteland Survival---An untapped bounty


Mission Statement

Bringing inspirational and motivational short programs (ranging from 15 min. to 2 hours) helping clients reach their hidden greatness and define their legacy.

Client List

National League of Postmasters, Minnesota Grain & Feed Annual Convention, Ag. Star Financial Services, Farm Bureau, University of MN., Stone Croft Ministries, Kiwanis, Land O’ Lakes, Inc., Lions International, Rotary Organization, National Dairy Convention, Purina, First District Assn., Central Plains Dairy Assn., R.A.M.S. Society, State Bison Assn., Ag. Alliance, Ag. In The Classroom, State Beef Convention, Leading Dairy Producer Conference, North Crow Church Triune, Numerous Business Annual Meetings across the U.S.A., Riverland Farm Management, Puerto Rico Ag. Conference, Unity Foundation Conference, National Marriage Encounter Conference

Available Materials

  • Nine Lives to Eternity---A true story of repeatedly cheating death; an inspirational and faith-driven human triumph

  • The Folk and Their Fauna---Capture many heart rendering short stories of the animals most have cherished and loved throughout life

Both books by SCOTT D. GOTTSCHALK will help you and the people you love view life in an entirely new light. These books make a great gift for friends, associates, and employees.


"Really made me think about whom I am and who I want to be."
"Scott is a fantastic speaker with a terrific presentation which left me very emotional."
"Following Scott’s talk, everyone within earshot during dinner was talking about his topic."
"No chance of falling asleep during Scott’s high-energy talk. WOW!!"

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Scott Gottschalk
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FAX: (320) 398-6428

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